MES PHARIS provides comprehensive production management, both in molding shop itself and on the MQB line producing sun visors.

Support of production processes according to ideas of Industry 4.0 (automation of the production process, which is controlled by the product itself) is implemented on the MQB line. After reading a unique QR code, the production line is automatically adjusted according to the product variant. MES PHARIS ensures upload of predefined parameters to individual PLCs and performs automatic re-registration of operators to context work order.

MES PHARIS performs many tasks in individual production nodes at the assembly line, such as displaying currently approved production documentation, checking operators’ training, working with NOKs, input checks, “reworks” of sun visors, refilling incomplete packaging, etc. For the final operation “Quality wall” provides MES PHARIS printing of labels for packaging according to the definition of packaging requirements.

In the molding shop of this customer, it is usual to use packaging units as a tool for unique identification of production and traceability.

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