MES PHARIS includes an optional robust module PRODUCTION SCHEDULING – APS (advanced planning and scheduling). We have been developing this module for a long time and on its development we cooperate with university workplaces dealing with, among other things, genetic algorithms, simulations and artificial intelligence.

After years of research of the schedulling and its long-term use in practice, this module contains several proprietary optimization algorithms (trivial, genetic, analytical) and a number of related functionalities, microservices and settings, the combination of which enables the application of scheduling and planning in a wide range of manufacturing enterprises.

The development of the PRODUCTION SCHEDULING module – APS has reached the stage where we decided to offer it in a simplified form as a separate product for third-party software, through the APS PHARIS cloud service.

The APS PHARIS service is offered with different “levels of complexity” in solving the scheduling problem so that it can be applied according to different customer requirements (somewhere a simple approach and predictable result is desirable, in others multi-criteria production scheduling is more appropriate).

We are ready to suggest and discuss the appropriate setup and use of the APS PHARIS service for developers and users of third-party software.