Traditionally, the main goal of the project is the digitization and standardization of production processes in connection with the requirements of the IATF standard 16 949.

After accepting and testing the implementation within the pilot project, we mutually agreed on the rollout of the MES system across all production sites.

By blocking the supply of hardware (especially production terminals) in a timely manner, we will be able to adhere to the planned schedule. The project is a matter of course to ensure data collection from a wide range of production facilities, their monitoring and connection to the alarm system, including their archiving.

A necessary part of the project not only to increase work efficiency is the integration of the production information system at ERP BUSINESS via a standard communication interface – MES PHARIS SCI.

The economic return on investment is helped not only by digitization of production processes, but also by-products in the form of digitization of production documentation and ensuring its availability at production terminals, control of operators training for production operations, online overview of work in progress and management of its efficiency, etc. The punch of the project is supplied by the implementation of the Capacity Planning and Production Scheduling module, which helps to automatically create an optimal work queue for individual production sites.