Thanks to the flexibility of UNIS, ATEK managed to obtain new projects for its important client, which had as a condition the transition to the management of production processes in the Just-In-Sequence mode.

In just a few months, in cooperation with the ATEK company, we managed to effectively analyze and expand the PHARIS production information system by digitizing the production process precisely in the J-I-S mode.

Technically, it had to be solved within the production logistics module in order to ensure the management and control of the prescribed sequence of manufactured pieces according to the JIS (Just In Sequence) system. Manufactured parts are grouped into groups representing the container in which the pieces are delivered to the customer according to the JIS principle. There are different types of products in one container. The MES PHARIS system within the JIS module checks the correctness of manufactured parts according to the prescribed order. Furthermore, the system checks that the correct product has been loaded. The last control is the product quality control. If the checks do not go well, further processing of the products is blocked. To resolve blocked production, it is possible to initiate a call to the quality manager and unblock production. The process is completed by printing the container label.

After the successful trial operation of JIS, we are expanding the MES system to dozens of new workplaces that were put into operation as part of these new projects.

You can find more about the implementation of the MES system at ATEK here.