Visit any trade fair in the field of automation and you will hear topics like Industry 4.0, Digital Factory, Artificial Intelligence or Digital Twin all over the place as part of the digital transformation of businesses.

And it is the Digital Twin and its use in MES PHARIS that is the topic of today’s article. Of the many forms and uses of the Digital Twin, the field of “Simulation and Testing” is, in principle, suitable for us.

In another article, we describe the change in the release of new versions of MES PHARIS. When switching to a new version, the reliability of the new version is tested on test data. But the use of the new PHARIS Digital Twin can take production testing and simulation to a completely different dimension.

The PHARIS digital twin represents a virtual environment in which simulators of machines, terminals, printers, a simulator of ERP systems and other devices run and communicates with them as in real MES PHARIS production. It includes a tool for orchestrating such simulations, i.e. software for creating and running test scenarios.

Together with PHARIS specialists, a digital twin of a specific factory can be created and standard and specific processes can be simulated using any version of MES PHARIS. This significantly increases the level of testing of new releases and gives our customers the opportunity to test new scenarios or planned workflow changes.

By expanding the PHARIS Digital Twin, the simulations can be moved a significant step further, when using the PHARIS Surveillance Center, it is possible to compare historical data from real production or from previous simulations with the current ones and to search for anomalies or trends in them using artificial intelligence.

And all of this can be another way that MES PHARIS can increase efficiency in your company.