UNIS started a new implementation project for the delivery of the MES system PHARIS® to the production plant of the company PF Plasty CZ s.r.o. , whose production is primarily focused on the automotive industry.

The main task of the project is the digitization and management of production processes according to the requirements of IATF 16 949 with the integration of quality control requirements.

The implementation includes the vertical integration of MES PHARIS on ERP SAP. For this client, we also provide interface preparation not only from the side of MES PHARIS, but also deal with adjustments to the SAP system.

We connect the production information system to a wide range of injection molding machines mainly from the brands ENGEL, ZHAFIR and HAITIAN. As part of communication, we deal not only with the collection of cycles, but above all with the online collection of technological parameters (temperatures, pressures, material cushion…).

At the same time, MES PHARIS digitizes standard processes such as the introduction of electronic production documentation including change management, operator qualification management, online control and monitoring of production in progress, alarm system, TPP management and many others. The final phase is covered by the visualization of the production status on large screens directly in production hall, which provide an online overview of ongoing production, the rate of fulfillment, the efficiency of operators and equipment, etc. To evaluate the progress of production, we standardly implement KPIs while simultaneously using a reporting system that has integrated user support creating reports.