Newly, the MES PHARIS system offers in its APS module the possibility to reschedule the schedule only on a selected group of machines.

This functionality is used for isolated rescheduling of a part of production without impacting the schedule of other parts of production. This is suitable in situations where the operator carries out separate production layouts, their units (partial production sections) or when different production sections are scheduled with a different frequency.

In the Detailed Planning header, there is a new attribute “Fixed devices (do not recalculate the schedule)”, which is used to select groups of devices to be fixed. The selected device groups are saved with a link to the operator (the system remembers the preset itself with a link to the given user account). You will use this in cases where production scheduling is carried out by several people or they often take turns. In the field “Source view for fixation” the user further selects according to which view he wants to fix the selected group of machines.

We will be happy if you tell us about your experience with this function or suggest the extension of MES PHARIS with new functions. This year, we have changed our approach to releasing new versions of MES PHARIS. You can read more in the short article.