This year, the MES PHARIS team listened to its customers and increased the number of updates released annually to four.

If you have stricter requirements for your MES PHARIS, for example to meet IATF 16949 standards, flawless functionality is very important.

The advantage of the quarterly release of new versions is, in addition to speeding up responses to customer development, a reduction in the risk of errors – with the same volume of testing of each version, there are fewer changes made.

Take a look inside the kitchen where MES PHARIS is created: how is the development of the new functionality ordered by the customer going on?

When we plan to release a new version at the end of the calendar quarter, we end the development work on the version in question one month before the planned release and the monthly testing phase begins. Basically, we immediately start developing a next version…

An overview of MES PHARIS versions is available here.

So when is the best time for you to submit a development order? The easiest is to write that at any time. It depends on the complexity of the request, the capacities of the development department, and how urgent the matter is for you. But believe that our scrum master can plan the almost impossible. And more than two dozen of our developers, testers and consultants will always find a solution to help you.