Comprehensive manufacturing execution system, integration instrument

MES PHARIS® is a comprehensive and valuable MES system that covers whole production process as from the moment of issuing the Working order, through the Detailed scheduling, Work statement up to the product release and warehousing of the final product or semi-finished product.

 Web-based application

The system runs on a web-based application server. For getting of full access to the system PHARIS® is by using a web browser without installing any client application. In the case of use of VPN is possible the remote access.

 Modular system

MES PHARIS® is a modular web-based system. Customer chooses single modules according to his needs. From the simplest configuration for providing Data Collection and uploading of production control programs up to the complex configuration that covers whole production process i.e. Scheduling the Sale order, Production management, Monitoring of the work in progress, final release of product and evaluation of production.

 Solutions for small businesses and large corporations

The system is designed for a wide range of customers. At an affordable price PHARIS® fills the requirements of small family businesses with a few dozen of employees up to the standardization of processes of large corporate companies such as companies Husqvarna Vrbno Manufacturing and ROBERT BOSCH Ceske Budejovice - see "References". The structure of the system offers the utilization in serial production, small series production and custom production.

 Customer days, regular upgrades, dynamics

UNIS, Inc. regularly organizes Customer days. During this event customers have a great opportunity to participate on specification and picking of new functionalities that will be used in coming version of MES PHARIS®. This well proven method of improving and expanding the system helps to hold whole system on the top among all similar systems, whereby the most important impulse for getting the final direction are requirements from the customer side.

 Language localizations

MES PHARIS® is available in 4 languages - English, German, Russian, Czech. The system is possible very easily locate to any world language.

 Standard in automotive - support of IATF 16 949 (dříve ISO/TS)

The system is also suitable for manufacturers supplying the automotive industry, where there is a need to cover in particular the following processes:
  • Collecting of technological parameters/values from machines and associated equipment during the production,
  • ensuring of controlled processes i.e. definition of Production Preparation, releases into a serial production, central uploading of control programs into machines,
  • controlled work with production documentation supported with paperless production, effective control of changes in production documentation,
  • integration of Quality Management processes, digitization and management of check plans,
  • management of processes during the work with tools including Tool Management (eg. injection mold),
  • etc.

 MES PHARIS® Industry 4.0 compliant

MES PHARIS® offers a support for Industry 4.0 production processes.
  • High efficiency for variable production of small batches,
  • automation of production processes leaded by the product itself,
  • support of communication among machines and products,
  • ensuring of unique part identification,
  • usage of standard communication interfaces,
  • Big Data - processing, analyzing and evaluation.

MES PHARIS® reflects new trends of Industry 4.0, proved by real projects especially in automotive industry.

 Instrument for ensuring the pressure on production efficiency, lean production

To accelerate the economic return on investment in MES systems contribute following aspects:
  • Support of predictive behavior and alerting (see "Alarms and Escalation System"),
  • a supporting tool for the implementation of lean production,
  • an escalation in the case of failure to fulfill the work duties,
  • increasing of OEE, unbiased evaluation of the efficiency of production devices without manual input,
  • highlighting of unused devices, or conversely weak spot,
  • paperless production,
  • system reduces the overhead time associated with compliance of administrative tasks coming from the automotive standards,
  • online preview of the work in progress.

  Creating reports by user

Besides the standard predefined indicator and reports MES PHARIS® also offers special tool for creating custom reports. See "Reports".

 Quick economic return

The system implementation is performed with a maximum effort to effectively cover processes that affect the factors contributing to the quick economic return. The economic return on investment in MES PHARIS® is typically 12-18 months. Length of time of the economic return on investment in MES system is dependent on many factor and it is difficult to say the general calculation formula for it. Among the factors that influence the length of time of the economic return it depends on the particular system configuration, designed process solution based on customer needs, OEE values and scrap production that exist before the system is implemented.

 Communication drivers for a wide range of machines

In general the communication is used for Data Collection and to control manufacturing process.
MES PHARIS® in the basic configuration already contains a number of drivers for the most commonly used devices:
  • Injection molding machines including associated equipment (dryers, terms,...)
  • CNC machines,
  • assembly line,
  • other production equipment with PLC,
  • additional equipment and control stations - scales, digital gauge etc.
Concrete methods of connection and its uses see "Data Collection".

 Standardized interfaces to systems of third party ERP (SAP, Helios ...), Quality Systems (PALSTAT, Q-DAS ...)

MES PHARIS® and its standardized communication interface allows the connecting ERP system very effectively. This interface includes a specific set of objects that are mutually transferred between the MES and the ERP.
MES PHARIS® has two types of interface for connecting the ERP system.
  • Specific standard communication interface for SAP,
  • standard communication interface for other ERP. In the projects we have implemented MES PHARIS® has been connected to a wide variety of ERP systems such as is HELIOS, QI, K2, OR-SYSTEM, NAVISION, ENTRY, DIALOG 3000, BYZNYS, ES POHODA…
Technologically the communication is handled by web services, communication at the level of database, respectively at level of specific alternative objects. MES PHARIS® is technically ready for connection to any ERP system.

  Change of the system behavior without any programming adjustments

MES PHARIS® is a highly configurable system. Before the implementation is the MES precedes configured and customized according to customer´s processes. System offers over a hundreds of configuration parameters by which can be the changed the control logic of manufacturing processes.

The regularly released upgrades are parametrisable as well.

 International partner´s program

MES PHARIS® is distributed and implemented not only in the Czech Republic, but through foreign partners worldwide. We are gradually expanding the network of our foreign partners in order to meet the requirements linked to the multinational corporations. More information according to the partnership program see the section "Partnership Program".

 Support - UNIS (sharing KNOW-HOW, realization of Turnkey projects)

The implementation of the project is not just the supply of MES system itself. With the PHARIS® system we also offer you a know-how for the efficient manufacturing process control that we have gained during the implementation in multinational companies, mostly from the automotive.

UNIS, Inc. is able to cover other services related to the implementation as a turnkey project. UNIS, Inc. is a purely Czech, financially strong company that is able to guarantee long-term availability and support for the customer.

Besides the strong IT section UNIS, Inc. offers its professional experiences with control systems and electronics that we use especially for communication with a wide range of machinery and equipment. More information about UNIS, Inc. see the link.


MES PHARIS® is in the Czech Republic best-selling MES system. Selected project are listed in the section "References".
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