Selected benefits of MES PHARIS implementation in metalworking
  • Streamlining of manufacturing process - increase the efficiency of production, support of JUST IN TIME.
  • Support for a realistic evaluation of OEE.
  • Supporting tool for maintaining the lean manufacturing.
  • Possibility of operationally and effective planning and scheduling, optimization of production batch.
  • Support for the Quality Management based on IATF 16 949.
  • Integration of check plans - automatic generation of requests for checking.
  • Support of paperless production - availability of production documentation in electronic form.
  • Direct connection of MES PHARIS to the CNC machines and control stations – for Data Collection.
  • Solving the DNC network.
  • Table of records about the tool changes.
  • Standardized on-line communication with ERP systems.
  • On-line detailed overview of work in progress.
  • Effective work statements directly from the location of the CNC machines.
  • Evaluation of the operator performance.
  • Documenting of the production for the purpose of customer audits.
  • System for management of qualification of users for the production of individual parts.
  • Immediate signalizing of the problem in the production - production delay, parameter out of bounds, calling of profession.
  • Effective management of maintenance of equipment and tools.
  • Minimizing of unproductive time.
  • User defined reports.
  • Access to MES PHARIS server is implemented through the thin client (Mozilla) without the need of installation the client stations.
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