Tool Management

Tool Management module of the system PHARIS® offer a clear table of records of tools. This module uses a communication with machines and automatically records the number of cycles for each tool. Planning of the maintenance of tools is subsequently addressed in the "Management of Maintenance". The identification of tools is usually solved by using the RFID chips.

Effects coming from the use of the Tool Management

  • Driven process of the work with tools and obtaining a comprehensive genealogy of the given tool,
  • checking of the correct tool before the production,
  • obtaining of the supervision about the tool location,
  • operative table of records of tool maintenance,
  • the possibility of using the actual tool state for Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling,
  • obtaining a detailed overview of the tool (machine, store, maintenance, production factory,...)
  • an overview of the event types for each tool and duration of each event,
  • table of records of tools,
  • an overview of exchanges and consumption of tools,
  • the introduction of effective identification of tools - usually with RFID.

UNIS, Inc. deals with a complex solution of RFID identification of injection molds. The proposed solution takes into account the high temperatures that are achieved in injection molds. RFID identification leads to accelerating and streamlining of the working process with molds and simultaneously minimize errors of manual entries of the mold code within the mold management.
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