Quality Management

The Quality Management has become an integral part of the production. MES PHARIS® includes a number of functionalities that integrate requirements of the quality into the manufacturing process. This area of the MES system is essential especially for automotive suppliers who are certified according to the IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS), in which is an enormous pressure on the continuously improving the quality of production. The task of the MES system is to define the quality requirements, control the process of meeting the requirements and subsequently demonstrate their performance.

Lisovny plastů - schema

Check plan

In MES PHARIS® is possible to enrich the product definition with the definition of a check plan that allows:
  • a definition of the control as a separate operation within the product definition,
  • a definition of the control as a partial step in the manufacturing operation,
  • a specification of the frequency for the execution of control,
  • a specification of the required values and boundary limits,
  • possibility of a definition of the relation to the control equipment for on-line collection of values,
  • alerting of operators to carry out the control at the regular intervals - e.g. measurement, weighing, tool maintenance, etc.
Values and control processes are archived for the purpose of demonstrating the quality of production especially during the customer audits, respectively for tracing of parameters in the case of customer complaints.

Connection to measuring and control stations

MES PHARIS® can be connected to the control stations, scales, gauges, etc. from which it is possible automatically download measured values and perform their validation. Specific methods of connecting the gauges can be found in the area of "Data Collection".

Integration of control systems

The values from the control stations and gauges is possible automatically send from MES PHARIS® to the systems for statistical data processing such as PALSTAT, QSTAT, etc.

The chosen benefits of the integration of control systems are:
  • an automatic sending of parameters from the machines to control systems,
  • online transmission of parameters,
  • a possibility of predictive response to a potential problem in the manufacturing process,
  • removal of the delay during manual rewriting of data during which are generated many errors

Training management

The functionality provides a clear oversight of trained users including the level of training for individual manufacturing operations and setting of expiration. MES PHARIS® offers the possibility to limit the registration of operator only on manufacturing operation to which he was trained.

Paperless production – actual approved documentation

MES PHARIS® solves complex distribution of production documentation in electronic form. |The aim of this controlled process is to ensure the actual and approved production documentation easily accessible on the screen of the production terminal which is located next to the machine.

The change of the production documentation is subject of the approval procedure. The effect of the implementation of paperless production always ensures the availability of valid and approved production documentation at the workplace. More about the paperless production is in the area of "Manufacturing Process Control, Work Statement".


The definition of the individual control steps can be linked with alarms. This default process ensures that in the case of deviation from the set values within the control process is the responsible person immediately informed about the potential problem in the manufacturing process.

Evaluation of alarms and exceeding of time of calls

The records of alarms and the reasons of causing the escalation mechanisms are an important background information for their re-evaluation and creation of corrective action.
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