Manufacturing process control,
Work statement

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Utilization of production terminals

The implementation of the Manufacturing process control module is preceded by retrofitting of production terminals. Depending on the level of using and the desired mode of work evidence is possible to realize so-called "nest" where is one production terminal that operates several machines or a variant with placing one production terminal for each workplace/machine.

Typical functionalities of production terminals

  • Selection and registration of setter/operator for a planned manufacturing operation. Production terminal displays the prepared job queue for a selected workplace. On the manufacturing operation is possible do a manually registration or by using the BarCode,
  • work statement - number of conforming products, nonconforming products including the identification of nonconformity type with code list for each product,
  • evidence and determining of downtimes,
  • displaying of actual and approved production documentation i.e. paperless production. For instance is catalogue of defects, packing list, instruction cards, instructional video, setting sheet, checklist, dwg…,
  • utilization of the calling to the workplace - operator, handler, setter, control,... More about the possibilities of calling and alarms is available in the section "Alarm and escalation system",
  • when logging into the service mode is the ability to upload/download control program (parameters) for the machine, assign tool, etc.,
  • an evidence of activities related to the release into the serial production,
  • work statements of a multi-machines operation,
  • possibility of dynamic reaction on the operational changes in production, for example disorder tool, change of pieces for one cycle and so on in the relation to the work statements,
  • workflow solution in relation to the steps of pre-configured check plan. See more in the area of "Quality control",
  • possibility of label printing,
  • definition of transactions in the context packaging units.

Training management of operators on manufacturing operation

According to the legislative requirements of the automotive industry IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS) MES PHARIS® offers central training management of operators on manufacturing operation. If necessary MES PHARIS® does not allow the registration to manufacturing operation as far as the operator does not have the training.

Paperless production, electronic production documentation

MES PHARIS® solves complex distribution of production documentation in electronic form. The aim of this controlled process is to ensure the actual and approved production documentation easily accessible on the screen of the production terminal which is located next to the machine. The production documentation can be divided into user-defined groups. Then is possible to assign each documentation to the machine, product definition or manufacturing operation.

This process ensures that operators work with actual, valid and approved production documentation.

MES PHARIS® optimizes the process of change management of production documentation. The main purpose is to effectively protect information of trained operators on these incremental changes and simultaneously get its electronic signature for the customer´s audit.

Benefits of work statements directly at the machines

Manufacturing process control through the production terminals helps with increasing efficiency in the following points:
  • work statements are online transferred to the ERP system,
  • full replacement of manual filling of preprinted forms, which brings high number of errors, delays and errors related to the rewriting of data into ERP system,
  • work statements through the production terminals lead to the replacement of responsible workers for reporting and eliminating of manual transcription of work statements into ERP system,
  • using MES PHARIS® production terminal is very easy for the operators do the works statement including the nonconformities and choosing the non-conformity,
  • advantage of work statement by using the production terminal is automatic on-line transfer of confirmed work into ERP system including the information of material and packing unit.

Information table, distribution list

Information tables are used to display the work plan for each machine. The screen displays a list of defined machines and allows the definition of work plan on the user and the product for each given machine. The information table can be displayed on large screens (Visualization Client) without the need of log in to MES PHARIS® system.
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