MES PHARIS® and communication with other systems

Information system of the category MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an interface between ERP system and production equipment. MES PHARIS® do not substitute the ERP system, on the other hand is its strong expansion towards the production. Anyway the commuication with the ERP system is not required, MES PHARIS® could run as a completely autonomous system.

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Connection and communication with production equipment

MES PHARIS® is open not only "upwards" to ERP systems, but also down toward to the production itself. System includes a wide range of communication drivers for connecting a varied machine park. More about the connecting the machines see "Data Collection".

Standardized interfaces to ERP system

MES PHARIS® and its standardized communications interface allows effective connection of the ERP system. This interface includes specific set of objects (including attributes) that are mutually transferred between MES and ERP.

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  • Specific standard communication interface for SAP.
  • standard communication interface for other ERP. In the projects we have implemented MES PHARIS® has been connected to a wide variety of ERP systems such as is HELIOS, QI, K2, OR-SYSTEM, NAVISION, ENTRY, DIALOG 3000, BYZNYS, ES POHODA…

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Technologically the communication is handled by web services, communication at the level of database, respectively at level of specific alternative objects. MES PHARIS® is technically ready for connection to any ERP system.

Examples of objects that are transmitted between MES PHARIS® and ERP systems:
  • Sale order,
  • work order,
  • work statement - including nonconformity, consumption,
  • material,
  • stock level and changes in stock,
  • production definitions,
  • tool,
  • production equipment,
  • control programs, setting parameters,
  • packing requirements,
  • etc.

Integration of control and statistical systems

Thanks to its openness MES PHARIS® can be integrated into more systems from different suppliers (PALSTAT, QSTAT, system for document management, maintenance system, etc.). More about the benefits of connection with the control stations see "Quality control".
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