Purpose of the call:
Digitization of production with the help of newly acquired or introduced advanced non-production technologies and/or services that will lead to higher automation, digitization or more efficient connection of company processes.

Announcing the call:                                       28.6.2024
Applications accepted from :                          15.7.2024
Applications accepted until:                           31.3.2025

The minimum amount of total eligible expenses for the project must be 2.5 – 50 million CZK.

WE WILL HELP YOU with budgeting. We have extensive experience with the delivery of the MES PHARIS through subsidy titles.

NOT ONLY MES: Support can be obtained in general for the digital transformation of the company, i.e. the purchase of “non-production” technologies, robotic arms, sensors, logistics and warehouse technologies and others.

Digitization of production is no longer an advantage, but a necessity…
We will be happy to help you not only with digitization of processes and production management, but you can also use modern advanced order planning in APS PHARIS. By deploying the MES system, you will get an online overview of orders in progress, modern paperless production, precise documents for customer audits, traceability, and all this in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0. Digitization of production will also help you to obtain new projects. Get rid of chaos in records, stress before audits and use a professional and long-term proven solution.