We offer the possibility of implementing a pilot project at a selected workplace to familiarize yourself with the MES system environment, its control and benefits.

In this way, you can better assess the future benefits from the introduction of the MES system in your own environment.

What type of company is the pilot project intended for?

  • A company engaged in serial discrete production
  • that is, the records of production operations are in pieces.
  • The company is able to define a product definition with a cycle time.
  • Ideally cycle time in the order of seconds or minutes.
  • We usually implement at workplaces from which we are able to automatically take the cycle of the machine/device – signal from the switchboard or OPC UA, DA communication, Euromap 63, Euromap 77, etc.
  • Typical workplaces are an injection molding machine, CNC machine, single-purpose equipment/line…

Feasibility study part of the pilot project

  • As part of the pilot project, we will thoroughly map the production environment and assess the requirements for the future extension of the MES system to the production plant.
  • We will reveal critical points in the production process.
  • This is not a detailed process analysis!

Characteristics of the LITE pilot project

  • This is the implementation of selected parts of the system at one selected workplace.
  • Very fast implementation
  • usually 6-8 weeks.
  • Low demand for cooperation from the Customer.
  • This is usually an implementation without connection to ERP.
  • Data are entered into MES PHARIS by the Customer manually, or via import XLS in cooperation with the Contractor.
  • There is no detailed process analysis of related processes before and after the selected pilot workplace.
  • The implementation is realized as an isolated one without connection to other surroundings.
  • The aim of the project is only to familiarize the Customer with the user interface and basic principles of MES PHARIS.
  • For speed and low costs, possible customer modifications are not implemented.

Characteristics of the FULL type pilot project

  • This is the implementation of a complex system, including integration with third-party ERP systems. The FULL pilot project is an analysis and implementation in a comprehensive scope according to the Customer’s requirements, but only at one selected workplace.
  • The advantage of Pilot FULL is the possibility of efficient gradual expansion of the system to other workplaces.
  • Implementation time – usually 6-8 months.
  • Close cooperation on the part of the Customer is required, especially in the analysis phase.
  • The effort is to minimize manual entries by the Customer into MES PHARIS with the aim of ensuring maximum synchronization of data with the ERP system.
  • A process analysis and related processes before and after the selected pilot workplace are underway.
  • In the course of the FULL project, detailed specification, preparation and creation of the master data structure, especially the technological procedures for the effective gradual expansion of the system to other workplaces, is taking place.
  • The implementation is carried out with a link to other surroundings in order to prepare the process of easy expansion to other workplaces.
  • As part of the FULL Pilot Project, the Contractor ensures the configuration of the system according to the Customer’s processes.
  • For the purposes of implementing the FULL Pilot Project, the Contractor lends MES PHARIS licenses.
  • After the implementation of the FULL project, the Customer is completely trained and is able to implement the gradual expansion of the system by his own efforts with the cooperation of the Contractor.

Posibility to continue by subscription

In order to avoid the following investment in the system, it is possible to continue the Pilot project smoothly in the form of a Lease, see the Subscription license model.